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Once you get your resume, you will be proud of your investment! Resume Samples. We take our time with you. (Meaning two-day turnarounds are not our specialty, but finely crafted, beautiful, compelling documents are.) Heres how it works: Step 1: We provide you with an intake form and ask you to gather a few things that help us understand you, and your goals, a bit better. Well, I didnt have to wait long. My phone started ringing right away! I went through several interview and used the great tips they gave me to really stand out above the other candidates I was competing against and landed a great, new job! I also didnt have to spend 6 or 9 months on my job. It only took me 3 weeks yes, 3 weeks and I hit success. Im not sure if I had gone with any other service that I would have had such a great outcome, but I felt pretty certain (after just my first conversation with them) that I. I would highly recommend this service to any job seeker. It seems to me that they can handle just about any level of job pretty effectively. They certainly made a success out of my job and I started referring friends and family members to them from the moment I saw my first proof! During this call (45 minutes to an hour in length) well chat about your experience, goals, target job and accomplishments to get clear on where youve been, and where youre going next! The intake form is comprehensive (and only slightly painful but completing it will enable you to process your career accomplishments, and help us build you a gorgeous, compelling document! Step 2: A resume strategy interview will follow!

Step 4: You walk away with three versions: Word, PDF and ascii (for uploading to job boards). Prices for resume services, from entry-level to executive, range from 697 to 1597, and are based on career target, years of experience and complexity of job history.