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The child desperately needed a heart transplant, and I was hopeful when the hospital found a match for her. Just a few days before her surgery, however, she contracted an intestinal infection. Tutoring introductory courses has sharpened my ability to present information effectively since I must reorganize and reword complex concepts into terms that beginning students can understand. As an SI, I also gained valuable communication skills through holding weekly summary sessions. This is okay because the experiences in which you participated, the stories you can tell about those experiences, and the wisdom you gained are completely distinctbecause they are only yours. Medical school admissions committees want to know that you have explored your interest deeply and that you can reflect on the significance of these experiences. Harris's swiftness, skill, and compassion toward the fearful little boy. The following summer I was a University of Rochester Summer Research Program scholar, doing my first laboratory research. I studied surface deformations of the chick embryo myocardium during normal and experimentally altered ventricular growth, learning the frustration of research obstacles and working to overcome them. Write in your own language and voice, but really think about your journey to medical school and the most intriguing experiences you have had. 4.  Gives the reader a mental image of who are. All the different kinds of people fascinated me and I was curious to know who the patients were, what was wrong with them, and how they were being treated and cured. This includes clinical exposure, research, and community service, among other activities. 2. Why do you want to be a doctor? This may seem pretty basic and it is but admissions officers need to know WHY you want to practice medicine.