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! Language123: Hobby in free time

The question allows you to show that you are well rounded. Within reason, it doesn't much matter what you do in your free time as long as you do something. Do you love working on cars?

Playing a pick-up game of soccer? Hiking in the neighboring mountains? Experimenting in the kitchen? Building rockets? Playing word games with your younger brother? Painting sunsets? Surfing? Your transcript will show that you are a good student. How I Spend My free Time, gained Experiences, as a teenager I spend my free time on what I enjoy doing. Over the weekends I like to go paintball shooting in Desert Hot Springs at an old cement refinery. SC Village is my favorite place to go because it has a variety of fields to play on. For example, one field is named Vietnam and has crashed planes, helicopters, under ground bunkers, and hills which really makes paintball exciting because it really makes you feel part of the action.

What do you do on your weekends? This is not a trick question, and many kinds of answers will do well. The interviewer is simply trying to get to know you better.

As I drive the boat I pull my girlfriend on a donut shaped tube that has handles from which she is able to hold on to. The exciting part of pulling her is trying to make her fly off, but she's just to good.

When my family and I go to the river we just relax and have a good time. By going to the river 2, i'm motivated to continue my schooling, and be able to have a boat of my own one day.