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Lab Sample Science Lab Report by Cheryl Randall

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How to Write a Lab Report. Sample Report, tyler Fleegenshneeze August 11, 2001. Title: Making a Seismograph, purpose: How does the magnitude of vibrations affect the amplitude of a seismograph? Hypothesis: An increase in the magnitude of vibrations will result in an increase in amplitude of the seismograph.

During an experiment you may collect a lot of information, or data. But that data is not very useful unless it is organized. The purpose of a lab report is to organize and communicate what you did in your experiment. The hypothesis can be stated as an "If., then." statement. The 'If' part of the statement is based on related facts that you know to be true. The 'then' part of the statement is an educated guess on the outcome of the experiment.

Measuring the distance from the top and bottom of the spike represented the amplitude. The data from each seismograph was recorded in the table on the following page. Magnitude, amplitude, observations, medium #1 1.3 cm.

You are to discuss and draw conclusions from the data. Dont forget to break up your ideas with more than one paragraph, if necessary. (This is referred to as an essay!) Co-op Cheryl also suggests that the basic format suggested by Dr.