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What was Stephen Crane s thesis in The Red Badge of Courage? Yahoo

The test, outside the essay, will consist largely of matching, true-false, and short answer questions. You should be able to complete the first part of the test in 30-35 minutes. That will leave you more than 40 minutes complete your writing task.

   Your quot;s from the text are correctly cited by page number. (Parenthetical citation is acceptable.). Red Badge of Courage Essay Outline. The roman numerals below do not equal paragraphs. Your essay will need to be more than five paragraphs. How do courage and foolhardiness differ? What are -some of the different kinds of courage In light of your answers to the foregoing, consider Henrys situation. How much could his early desertion could be attributed to inexperience and loss of control and how much to sheer cowardice? Defense: As you build your paper, you will defend your points in a variety of ways. Here are a few suggestions of evidence from the text you could use to defend your thesis.

Attention Getter, b. Thesis Statement, iI. First main idea, a. Transition sentence for beginning of this section. B. How this goes with your thesis statement, c. quot; from the book 1. This is just to help you organize your main ideas and the evidence you will use to support them. Feel free to add sections as you see fit. I. Introduction, a. The nature of this essay requires some formal distance, so the use of first person pronouns detracts from your overall purpose.    You have consistently used appropriate grammar, punctuation, and capitalization for standard written English. Page Number 2. Explain the quot; in context of the story 3. How quot; supports your point, d. quot; from the book 1. Page Number 2. Explain the quot; in the context of the story 3.