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Need Help Writing A Research Paper

Review the style guide for proper cover page, page numbering format. Get a final reading from someone else. 9. Relax - You did it! Record yourself reading your text and play it back. Don't do fine-tuning or editing at this point; you are still in the formative stage. What is working and what needs clarification? It is NOT your approach to writing the paper. It is NOT a question. It is more likely the answer to the main questions you are seeking answers to in your research.) In your research paper, the thesis is generally positioned at the end of the introductory material, which sets up your subject.

Does your paper follow the exact format required? APA? MLA? Or another form? IS your paper interesting? Did you get someone else to respond to questions you have about your paper?

What sections need clearer transitions between ideas? Does the introduction adequately set up the subject and thesis? (The thesis is generally at the end of the introductory paragraph.) Are the paragraphs cohesive? Use your chance to be successful! ). These records can help you find the material again if you lose the original source. You will need the info. For your bibliography/reference page and also show your teacher if she/he requests to see your sources.) Read and take notes on your sources.