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Class of Housing: Housing Authority, Low Income Affordable Housing, Public Housing, general Information: We recommend you call your local housing authority for low cost and affordable housing options along with finding area resources for affordable housing options and locations for area shelters in their area. Housing authorities provide decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low and moderate income residents. Oftentimes they provide section 8 housing choice vouchers for those that qualify for low income housing. Most every housing authority that provides vouchers currently has multi year waiting lists. Housing authorities also provide low income public housing options that also often have multi year waiting lists. Housing authorities also provide low cost apartments for seniors, handicapped persons, single mothers with children, and homeless. Did you find a problem with this listing? Please notify us of changes needed. Update listing, post Comment OR Correction. If you need assistance call Clarksville Tn Housing Authority Clarksville directly at: (931) 647-2303, posting Comments below is for viewers on this website only.

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- Safety - Leisure facilities - Local shops and businesses, remember to justify the points that you make. Use the sample assignment and the checklist below to help you. Remember: A) Are you doing what the question asked?

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