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What Are Some Ways to Maximize Student Talk Time? - ELT

In educational terms: the establishment is dead   build your brand beyond the walls the power of indulging in right-brain delinquency.  How social media, philanthropy sharing can impact global learning. In inspirational terms: the importance of letting your talents shape your teaching brand. I have a lot of contacts worldwide and thought that would be enough to get the word out about my lessons it wasnt.  A friend told me about online language communities and I think it is a good idea to start out with a third party site that promotes you as a teacher. Most of you are like me, uniquely gifted in helping others to learn. For some crazy reason we think we must create original materials and lesson plans.  What a sad misuse of our time and talents.  I notice a difference between webcam  and voice only sessions, webcam being closer to face-to-face whereas voice-only creates a very intuitive and emotional level of understanding and support. You can hear, in an instant, whether your student understands, whether they feel confident, even whether or not they are having a good or bad day in general. The book was designed to raise their "grammar awareness" so they could self-correct more readily - an approach I found worked successfully in my classes. It has been very rewarding to hear from a number of teachers using the text that they have observed significant results.

Georges site and twitter. Michael DiGiacomo from Happy English, since I only teach one-to-one lessons, teaching online is pretty much the same as teaching while sitting across the table from a student. As you may know, Top Notch is a corpus-informed course backed by the extensive database of the Longman Corpus Network and it uses both the Longman Spoken Corpus as well as the Learners' Corpus of Common Learner errors.