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This other calculator allow you to calculate the percentage of one number in respect of another number:. From percentage calculator back to main page. It is actually a good idea to apply algebra in programming. The "heart" of this calculator is a function (an "action" you programm the computer to do) using variables and a simple algebra equation (pctRes parseInt(input1 etc.). Home, lessons, calculators, worksheets, resources, feedback, algebra Tutors, please visit the support center for help enabling Java. Home, lessons, calculators, worksheets, resources, feedback, algebra Tutors, copyright info @ m. Quick Navigation: 1. Percentage of a number: say "calculate 3 of 15" 2. Percentage of a number in respect to another number : say \"what percentage is 10 out of 60?\ i made this percentage calculator with Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3.0.

Here it is: This calculator allows you to calculate any percentage of any number that you like. You must insert a number of the percentage you want, then insert the number desired and finally click on the "check" button.

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