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We squinted at the blackboard, that seemed far away since it was on a small platform, where Mrs. Dietz's desk was also positioned, at the front, left of the room. We sat in rows of seats, smallest at the front, largest at the rear, attached at their bases by metal runners, like a toboggan; the wood of these desks seemed. Notice how Kingston integrates informative and descriptive details in this account of "the metal tube" that holds her mother's diploma from medical school. 4) The Magic Metal Tube by Maxine Hong Kingston, once in a long while, four times so far for me, my mother brings out the metal tube that holds her medical diploma. When I open it, the smell of China flies out, a thousand-year-old bat flying heavy-headed out of the Chinese caverns where bats are as white as dust, a smell that comes from long ago, far back in the brain. Finding examples of descriptive essays is relatively easy. But the key to your success in this topic is to find those descriptive essays which have been checked and proofread beforehand. Remember the reason why you are looking for examples of descriptive essays.

This can show you in an instant if the work has clearly been checked and proofread.

At the top is a bramble of copper-wound strings, each one hooked through the eye of a silver tuning key. The strings are stretched down a long, slim neck, its frets tarnished, the wood worn by years of fingers pressing chords and picking notes.

This is yet another excellent guideline to help you find the best quality examples of descriptive essays. If you do come across an excellent example it is a fairly simple process to run a basic spelling and grammar check over the words of the essay. It is fairly easy to track down the best online resources. Their reputation tends to precede them. There is no harm in asking a teacher or professor at your school or college for assistance in this matter.