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For example, advertising writers must be able to persuade or influence readers to buy or use goods and services. Comments. Photo Credit Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images, you May Also Like, when you think about an author such as Ernest Hemingway,. Writers need a good understanding of people to connect with their intended audience. A writer must also understand the technical use of language to craft effective material. Some writers need specialized skills. You should also study graphic design, particularly if you are preparing material directly for the Internet. Writing as a Second Career, if you turn to writing as a second career - whatever your initial education - your professional experiences will certainly affect what you write. Whether writing is your first or second career could also affect your educational preparation. Other People Are Reading, educational Basics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that a bachelors degree is the most likely requirement to obtain a full-time position as a writer. Even after you have finished your formal education, enrolling in writing classes at local community colleges can help you refine your skills and develop ideas on topics to write about. Determination and perseverance are necessary for long writing projects such as books, or to earn money in the freelance writing environment. Part of the series: Business Creative Writing. Qualifications for a grant writer include experience,. What Level of Education Is Needed. Food critics must have a passion for food and creative writing ability. In fact, the basic education for some occupations might lend itself to a writing career. For example, Erle Stanley Gardner, who created fictional lawyer Perry Mason, used experience as a lawyer to create believable characters and plots.