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Use outlining system to help comprehend material. Reading and highlighting the material in the text is just the minimum. To get the most of what you're reading, you should also take notes and outline the material. Baseball in April is sure to inspire discussion, so chat about it with your child. Originally published in 1990. 111 pages. Danielle Marshall and the Kids' Team at m by George McDonald, illustrated by Maurice Sendak (Farrar Straus Giroux, 1984).

Write a draft (and get feedback when possible). Especially for larger papers, you'll have a higher quality paper (and a better grade) if you can show the professor a draft early enough before the deadline to make changes. Common Sense Media by Richard Peck (Dial Books, 2007). This book is a funny, poignant book about life on the home front during World War II. There is some violence: a father is knocked out with a wrench, a girl's hand is caught in a rat trap, and an old lady likes to tell tales of gruesome injuries. Hodgson combines realism, mystery and moral sensibility to make a world children will love. 368 pages. Read the complete review on the Common Sense Media Web site. Read Aloud: Ages 9.

Once again, Paterson displays her gift for bringing the hard past to life for present-day readers. 288 pages. Parents' Choice by Theodore Taylor (Yearling, 2002). Set during World War II in the Dutch West Indies, this is a story about true friendship, survival and overcoming racism.

Is it more fun now? What else have you seen and read about World War II? 148 pages. Read the complete review on the Common Sense Media Web site. Publisher's Recommended Reading Level: 9-12, Read Aloud: 9, Read Alone: 10.

Work hard to play hard. One of my favorite students used to say that she worked hard so that she would have the time to play hard - and that's a good balance.