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Box-and-Whisker Plots Calculators (what to look for, what to buy) Factorials Formatting Math as Text (how to type math when e-mailing or posting questions on tutoring forums) How Can 0.999. 1? How Do I Compute My Grade? Tables Formulas. Mean, Median, and Mode Placement Tests Stem-and-Leaf Plots Venn Diagrams Why Do I Have to Take Algebra?.and the beginnings of trig Advanced Trig Graphs Angles of Elevation / Depr. Basic Trigonometric Ratios Conventions Evaluating Using Identities Greek Letters  Their Names Inverses of Trig Ratios Proving Trig Identities Pythagorean Theorem Quadrants and Angles Radians and Degrees Right-Triangle Word Probs Sectors, Areas. Number, types (natural, integer, real, etc. converting between. Decimals, Fractions, and, percents, place, value, roman Numerals, rounding (and significant digits set, notation, beginning, algebra Topics. Canceling, units, distance, formula, engineering Notation, evaluation, exponents: Basic rules Negative exponents Fractional exponents Graphing Overview Graphing Absolute Value Graphing Linear Equations Graphing Radical Equations Graphing Linear Inequalities (of the form " y 2 x. Switch to a listing of the lessons \"in order\ preliminary, topics. Absolute, value, factoring Numbers, fractions, geometric, formulas, lCM and GCF, metric, conversions. Negative Numbers, number, bases (binary, octal, etc. number, properties (Distributive, Associative, Commutative, etc. Formula Sequences and Series Solving Polynomials Solving Quadratic Equations Solving Systems of Non-Linear Equations Special Factoring Formulas (difference of squares, sums and differences of cubes, etc.) Symmetry Synthetic Division Variation (direct, inverse, joint) Vertical Line Test Advanced Algebra Topics Asymptotes Binomial Theorem Complex Fractions Complex Numbers Composition of Functions Conics: Overview Parabolas Circles Ellipses Hyperbolas Cramer's Rule Determinants Exponentials Graphing. (Standard fees apply for both.) Download the 2015 Application Form here, sgcnz/morrison music trust shakespeare music composition competition, a chance to compose for Shakespeare, win some money and gain additional great opportunities!