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Project management : a systems approach - Honesty vs. ETS

A functional organization offers a leeway for department heads to pass-off company projects failures as being due to the failure of other departments. This would not happen in a project-driven organization because the authority, responsibility and accountability for the outcome of the project rest solely on the project manager.

Project-driven organizations have better customer relations because they carry along and have direct and open communication with their customers for the duration of the project unlike their counterparts in the functional organizations that do not have a customer focal point. Excuse me, can you help me?. The man below says, You must be a project manager. The guy thinks to himself, this monkey is more my speed, I think. However, this does not mean that the manager does all the work by himself. The project manager may need to assist with gathering business requirements, help to. In order to be successful, the project manager must be given support and. Now help him avoid the classic errors that beginners so often make. Seemingly capable rookie managers often try to cover up a failing project or. Hurt, but the rookie manager must take care never to be perceived simply as the messenger. Her staff member, and finds the recipient rushing to defend himself from attack. The project team is assembled for a specific project under the action of the product manager. The team is thus temporary and will be disbanded when its project is complete. In a functional-driven management, the project coordination involves not only the departmental heads but top management as well, but in the case of a project-driven organization, the coordinating is solely. The team members in a functional organization are more confident in their job securities because the projects they participate in are limited to their departments and when they are through with such projects, they move on to other tasks still within the confines of their departments.