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Theres also The Freelance Bloggers Client Hunting Masterclass for bloggers who want to win higher-paying clients. Post youll like: Why You Should Step the Fck Up to Be a Freelance Blogger ost Blog Traffic, in the big pond that is the blogosphere, it can be frustrating for the articulate yet unnoticed small fish to make a name for themselves. Here is a primer on how to get your freelance writing business up and going, and bringing in real money. Presenting Yourself Professionally, to compete for good-paying freelance writing assignments, you'll need to have a simple writer website where prospects can get to know you. She covers topics like how to be more productive, tips for finishing your projects, and even shares some behind-the-scenes details of her own life as a writer. Post youll like: The Four Stages of Writing ain Pickings At Brain Pickings, Maria Popova discusses the combinational force of creativity, the combination and recombination of ideas. There are free and paid levels. Use your LinkedIn profile. Thanks to the Behance plugin, you can put your portfolio of clips right on LinkedIn, and just direct prospects to your LI page. You can claim your profile and then shape it to add your resume, bio, and other details. Bonus here: as you get writing assignments, your article links should post automatically, if they're published online.

Their blog combines advice on writing craft and publishing trends with a healthy dose of literary humor. Post youll like: Narrative Grammar (an exercise) e Copy Bot Demian Farnworth teaches people how to write clear, concise and compelling copy through this blog and for Copyblogger Media.

(Click to tweet this list.) a Freelance Blogger, be a Freelance Blogger teaches writers how to make real money blogging for hire. Sophie Lizard offers paid guest posting opportunities, fun group mentoring sessions and a range of useful free resources. Theyre in alphabetical order, but weve added numbers to make the list easier to read. Browse, bookmark and read these writing websites often, and youll have all the inspiration, knowledge and community you need for the coming year.