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Image: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Amazon 9. 1984 by George Orwell (1949 although the NSA as the world now knows it is not quite as extreme as Orwell's Big Brother, the use of surveillance, news jargon and police helicopters are all prophecies of 1984. Ten years from now, when you visit your parents or grandparents, they may very well have better technology than you do!". Elizabeth Bear, author of, karen Memory: "I think one of the biggest trends of the next decade - and beyond - is also one of our greatest hopes for a post-scarcity economy.

After standing still for a moment and catching my breath, Ill be told Im okay, and so Ill go to work. By lunch, my analytic results will be available and Ill learn that there is no statistical reason for worry, but a note had been sent to my personal diagnostics machinery to add a more refined test and that two. In the epilogue to his book on data, privacy, copyright and what the changing tides of these big ideas mean for writers and other creative types, prolific sci-fi behemoth and tech blogger Cory Doctorow tries to guess what the future will hold. And what feels old (to me) is our political and economic discourse. Here we stand, on the brink of a global climate catastrophe and embedded in an emerging oligarchy armed with a surveillance apparatus of unprecedented reach and power, discussing politics in terms Victorian philosophers would have recognized.

As technology makes sharing the use of physical as well as virtual objects more feasible, we'll be seeing less need for people to own individual "stuff" and more opportunities to amortize costs across groups.

To the elderly or infirm, however, it could mean the difference between disability and independence. In the next decade, were going to see a revolution in automated assisted living. Imagine a simple rolling robot that comes when you call, presenting you with a video screen that reminds you of your daily schedule. (If that exoplanet radio signal checks out, she'll be a lock for the full four.) The Upstate Exodus Initiative is as big a mess now as it was when it was introduced; seven grand for a studio on high ground, and still nobody's leaving.