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Visual Arts

If the connection is only incidental, students risk introducing material that is of only marginal relevance, and will confuse the inquiry and weaken the argument. Students should be encouraged to formulate a research question of personal interest and to draw on a variety of sources to support their arguments, such as textual analysis, study of original artworks or designed artifacts. Topic: American Quilts, research Question: How has the culture of the Gee"s Bend quilters affected their quilts? Approach: Secondary sources included books on quilts, on Gees Bend, on. To access the entire contents of this site, you need to log in or subscribe to it. Students should use in the first instance primary sources (artwork, exhibitions, architecture, interviews with secondary sources (textbooks and the comments of other artists, critics, art historians) as evidential support. It is expected that visual material (sometimes including the student's own photographs) will be included and properly referenced.

Picassm individual genius or cultural thief? Approach, an investigation of the extent to which selected images in Picasso's work may have been appropriated from other cultural sources. Topic  The influence of Renaissance architecture in Montreal, research question, cathdrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde, Montreal:a replica of St Peter's, Rome?

Biographical studies of artists must address a relevant issue or research question and arrive at a particular, and preferably personal, conclusion. Choosing a topic that covers many aspects of art history and/or a long period of time is also unlikely to result in a successful essay. Students should also demonstrate awareness of other issues surrounding the art studied. Do I show an awareness of the value and limitations of the art I am studying through analysing its origin and purpose?.Do I show a consistently good artistic understanding in setting the research question into context and addressing it fully and effectively? The introduction should not be seen as an opportunity for padding out an essay with a lengthy account of an artists life, Criterion C: investigation The range of resources available will be influenced by various factors, but above all by the topic.