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Need Algebra 2 help?. Unit 3: Advanced Trinomial Factoring. Coefficient on x 2 Term, Positive Constant. Coefficient on x 2 Term, Negative Constant. Unit 4. Factors, numbers have factors: And expressions (like x24x3 ) also have factors: Factoring, factoring (called \ factorising " in the UK) is the process of finding the factors : Factoring: Finding what to multiply together to get an expression.

Algebra 2 help (Factoring)?. Now use the distributive property backwards to factor: (x 2) (10x 3) If you can t factor, use the quadratic formula. So you could have: 3y212y 3(y24y but we can do better! 3y2 and 12y also share the variable y. Together that makes 3y : 3y2 is 3y y 12y is 3y 4 So you can factor the whole expression into: 3y212y 3y(y4) Check: 3y(y4) 3y y 3y 4 3y212y More Complicated Factoring Factoring Can Be Hard!

So let us try doing that: (2x3 2x-3) (2x)2 - (3)2 4x2 - 9 Yes! So the factors of 4x2 - 9 are (2x3) and (2x-3) : Answer: 4x2 - 9 (2x3 2x-3) How can you learn to do that? Factoring Completely Lessons Introduction. Previous factoring lessons each focused on factoring a plynomial using a single pattern such as. A2 - b2 (ab a-b) a2 2ab b2 (ab) (ab) a2 - 2ab b2 (a-b) (a-b) a3 b3 (ab a2-abb2) a3 - b3 (a-b a2abb2) a33a2b3ab2b3 (ab)3 a3-3a2b3ab2-b3 (a-b)3 There are many more like those, but those are the simplest ones.

It is like "splitting" an expression into a multiplication of simpler expressions. Example: factor 2y6, both 2y and 6 have a common factor of 2: 2y is 2 y 6 is 2 3, so you can factor the whole expression into: 2y6 2(y3) So 2y6 has been "factored into" 2 and y3, factoring is also the opposite of Expanding: Common.