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Papers for iPhone and iPad

Easily Deployed, installs on your Microsoft SharePoint server or Office 365 in an hour, or we host. Try the Board Papers app today, download the iPad app from the App Store to see why thousands of users rely on Board Papers for their meetings. With Board Papers, meeting organizers create agendas in SharePoint and associate documents with each agenda item to create electronic board packs. Documents are automatically downloaded to directors iPads. Permissions set in SharePoint ensure board packs are only provided to authorized meeting attendees. Updates

Simple, two taps to any meeting; a book-like app requires only minutes of training. Secure, meets the requirements of leading financial institutions and regulatory agencies. Affordable, one-time license fees for unlimited numbers of users; discounts for non-profits. Are delivered the minute theyre available. Have great meetings, board Papers was built for the iPad from day one to create a polished and responsive reader experience. Meeting participants engage each other without peering over walls of books or laptop screens. Watch the video for an overview of the features in our iPad app. Gain control over your board packs. Your staff spend hours organizing materials for board meetings, inserting last-minute revisions, and shipping packs in time for the meeting.

App users navigate to documents in a couple of taps, swipe through documents without delay and annotate documents using pen, highlighter and note tools. With a few fingertaps, resolutions are voted on and documents signed. The

Papers can be deployed on your internal SharePoint server, in the cloud on Office 365, or hosted by Pervasent. Foster a sense of ownership. You can add your logo and customize the meeting pack covers used in the iPad app to reflect your branding and visually differentiate board and committee meeting packs.