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Jun 9, 2012. We now need science to help identify whole system solutions - ones. And scientists, through Future Earth and related initiatives to help us. (Source: iStockphoto there have been some incredible leaps forward in science in the past decade. It's difficult to imagine what life was like before Wi-Fi, and hard to believe how much we've discovered about Mars.

(Source: iStockphoto obesity expert, dr Nuala Byrne from the Queensland University of Technology predicts even more weight loss drugs will be available on the market in 2020 than today: some to slow the stomach emptying, some to make you feel full, some to limit fat absorption, and others to increase metabolism.

"Once we understand what's going on at the genetic level, we'll enhance gene activity to make wounds heal faster and better. Self-assembling nanoparticles will restore the tissue framework, and ultimately in-situ tissue regeneration will become commonplace." what'S next: Soldiers will be 40 per cent biology, 60 per cent technology.

"We may also see devices which use electrical impulses to control the nerves which regulate the stomach and the pancreas and which tell you when you are full. Ultimately, there may be a genetic test to tell you if you have the genes which increase propensity for weight gain but it'll still be up to you what you do about. "A framework like this could help us predict how genes interact to produce an organism, how neurones in the brain create consciousness; how thousands of people might behave if a fire broke out in a football stadium; and even what the stock market might do in the future. "A projector will create an image of your friend sitting next to you. It will be just like they are there, except you can't touch them. And this won't happen without plenty of mathematics.

Jun 11, 2015. What things will data science help us achieve in the future? Have a look at this list by one of our Data Scientists to find out.