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Ielts Essay Topics With Answers (Writing Task 2)

This will be shown by looking at how both the theatrical nature and possibility for face-to-face debate during an in-person lesson cater to the learning experience of an individual in a way that technology simply cannot. During the first semester, I engaged in the classes solely by watching this broadcast from home and found myself to become quite lethargic and unenthusiastic regarding the content. However, during the second semester I was informed that as a registered student I could attend the classroom sessions of the same course and discovered this change revitalized my interest in the. Hey, you're new here! I love new people, welcome. You may want to subscribe to ielts-Blog and get all the updates via email or via RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! The topic below was seen in the Academic ielts exam in the UK, June 2011. Thus, the idea that traditional lecture-styled learning is less effective for students than more modern methods can be debunked. After analyzing how traditional in-class lessons benefit the academic process, it is felt that this style of learning will never be replaced entirely by technology. General Training Writing Task 2, you should spend about 40 minutes on this task. In the past lecturers could teach a certain number of students in one lecture hall. With the development of new technology its hard to justify the reason to participate in the lecture physically and not via the Internet.

As my experience shows, being present for a lecture physically can have positive effects on students. In addition to this, classroom lectures allow students to strengthen their wit and abilities as orators and this is not possible on the Internet. This model answer was written for m visitors by Ryan Higgins, an online ielts instructor, blogger and author. For more of his free ielts resources, visit his blog. Related posts: ielts test in Uzbekistan and India June 2015 (Academic Module) Our friends R and P who recently took their ielts. Firstly, lectures provide students with an element of theatre, which can be positive for their education. For example, while studying at university in Canada, I was once involved in a course that was televised in my city.