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In the end, the obligation should be on the freelance writer and their writing contracts to make provisions for these cases, providing a "kill fee" (usually half the contracted rate) if a project is completed but not used, and a late fee for the client who delays payment, and a penalty for the freelancer if he/she delivers late. Getting Great Writing, a great organic search marketing strategy starts with great writers. In the review process, ask them to show you content thats more than just useful information. Engaging and/or amusing writing will keep readers coming back to your site again and again. You'll be doing your readersand your businessa favor. Interviewing Writers, here are some answers about questions. Developing good questions for a job interview is an art form; you have to know what to ask that will help you decide if someone is right for a position without overstepping your boundaries and asking things that are inappropriate. Just kidding. But do provide this information as part of your plan for success. Good communication is vital to a successful freelance relationship. Weekly check-in is standard with our freelancers, either via email or a brief phone discussion. Finding Freelance Writers, hint: Hes the pale, thin guy chained to his computer. Whether youre looking for a freelance writer to hire or youre a freelancer looking for work, there are plenty of freelance sites online that match professionals with companies. What is the deadline for this project? What is your plan for revisions and extras that may come up? Your relationship will be a lot smoother if all of this is explained up front. How will you know that they're really working on your project or that they'll do it the right way? Ideas for handling this well include: Delivery. Start with one project with a defined delivery date and see how it goes.