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Bupers-323 (avionic/aircrew) USN: billet PAY level billet identification note acws SD-1,2 AIR traffic controller 28 7805/7/ SD-2 helo rescue swimmer (AW) 29,30 8235 SD-1 E-6 flight engineer 58 8250 SD-1 C-9 crew chief 59 8252 SD-2 C-130 flight engineer 60 G.

3) uics 4372 only (JCU OPS: SD-4, JCU support: SD-3). 4) jsoc (uics 43665, 39570, 471A only). 5) FOR CTI, MT, DC, AND NEC 5326 AT uics 32374, 39558, 40291, AND 47471 only. Subj: special duty assignment PAY, unclassified fM CNO washington DC/N1 tO navadmin. Info CNO washington DC/N1 unclas/N01160 navadmin 076/13, msgid/genadmin/CNO washington DC/N1/MAR sUBJ/special duty assignment PAY/. REF/A/MSG/CNO washington DC/221406znov11 rEF/B/DOC/opnav/29DEC06 rEF/C/DOC/DOD/10APR09 rEF/D/navperscom/5NOV04 rEF/E/navperscom/11MAY07 rEF/F/DOC/opnav/4APR12 nARR/RES navadmin 356/11, special duty assignment PAY plan update. RES opnavinst 1306.2G, command master chief program. rMKS/1. This navadmin announces THE revised special duty assignment PAY (sdap) levels FOR THE regular component, reserve component full time support (FTS) AND qualified selected reserve (selres) sailors ON active duty AND supersedes REF A. 2) when assigned TO personnel resource development office IN uics qqqq 448A OR AS determined BY OIC OF THE prdo. Sdap award levels will BE determined BY OIC prdo upon completion OF appropriate training AND fundamental role IN support OF mission execution (admin support: SD-4, direct support: SD-4, operators: SD-6). Message para 7 TO ensure compliance. 3. Commanding officers ARE required TO certify that service members meet ALL. Qualifying criteria established BY refs B, C AND this navadmin prior TO. Receiving sdap. REF B. IS opnavinst 1160.6B, special duty assignment PAY. RES dodinst 1304.27, award AND administration OF special duty assignment. PAY. RES milpersman article, limited duty (limdu). RES milpersman article, nuclear-trained AND submarine personnel ON, limited duty (limdu).