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How to Get High Paying Freelance Writing Clients without Having to Pitch. Here are the steps you can take to start getting freelance writing clients without pitching. 1. Start a Blog, it could be a blog, a website or any other form of significant online presence that can help you publish your content and spread the word about your services. The reason for this is simple: This approach is mostly based on publishing regular content and getting better search engine rankings, and a blog makes that extremely easy. Blogs are very SEO-friendly, and they are also designed in such a way that makes it easy to publish new content. It Puts You in Control, youre not bidding against dozens of other writers on Elance or oDesk, and you dont have to prove that youre effective by sending free samples or agreeing to terms that wont favor you.

How to gain some experience writing white papers, if you know how to write articles or marketing materials, you should be able to learn how to write white papers with a little effort and practice.

The key to success is to understand one thing: Your clients dont care about your age, status, or nationality. They dont care about your credentials or experience either; the only thing they care about is the result your services can help them get.

Getting clients to come to you saves you dozens of hours monthly youd have otherwise spent pitching and bidding for jobs, and if youre very productive that can add up to additional thousands of dollars in income monthly.

This makes it easier for potential clients to consider hiring you. They get more traffic and views. Remember, the more quality traffic you get the higher your chances of getting hired. Could it even be possible? The good news is its possible. Ive been a freelance writer for 2 years now I made mid 5 figures from my freelance writing in 2011 and Im on track to make more this year, all from clients who came to me on their own, without me sending a single pitch.