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Citizens of the United States are known for using groups and organizations to help each other. My speech will draw from two experiences. I have been a leader in the self-help movement for people with learning disabilities for over a decade and have helped at least 80 local groups form. Self-help: Key To, empowerment by Dale S. Brown, author, Disability Advocate, presented at Peer Support Programs to Promote Independent Living and Career Development of People with Disabilities in Louisville, Kentucky, November 14, 1991. Some challenges of groups in the political empowerment stage are: 1. Developing effective structure. Many groups die because of fights over bylaws. Infighting often occurs at this stage. 2. Assuring effective education of all disabilities represented in the group.

Sometimes people play "more disabled than thou." Skilled leadership can encourage the group to include all members. 2. Assuring the personal empowerment of leaders. Leaders can burn out. Some leaders end up doing it all, helping others to the exclusion of helping themselves, or at the worst, denying their own need of help by being helpful.

Without sufficient personal empowerment, members may not have the attention necessary to learn or move forward. This is why people telephone requesting advice and interrupt with their stories or feelings when advice is offered. Sometimes, these groups are closed to people who do not share that similarity. This can become a divisive issue. People without disabilities need to understand the need for safety which comes through those who are guaranteed to understand through the similarity of experience. I want to take a moment to thank Robert. Akridge and the staff of the Arkansas Research and Training Center in. Vocational Rehabilitation, the major entity that brought this conference to fruition.