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Grading Paper Money and Grading Scale at World Banknote Grading

Express 75 5 business days 10,000, none, regular 35, approx. 20 business days 3,000, none. Economy 24, varies with demand 1,000, none, mixed bulk (Minimum of 25 Notes large Size. U.S./ Colonial, Canadian, Obsoloete, World, notes Pre-1961 18, varies with demand 500 25 Small Size U.S./ Canadian, Fractional, CSA, Obsoletes 16 Varies with demand 500 25 Modern U.S. If the explanation of the final grade is not clear, please contact us for clarification. We maintain grading documentation on every note for just that purpose. Under optimal conditions and with experience you should be able to ascertain the approximate grade range of a banknote yourself. World Banknote Grading can determine the exact grade, add the security of encapsulation, and as an independent third party we can provide grade legitimacy and transparency to currency collectors and dealers alike.

UNC Superb Gem (70, 69, 68 67 margin centering and registration are everything. The closer to perfect the higher the grade. No visible handling or tip problems. UNC Gem (66 65) Slight margin asymmetry, minor handling and visible tip problems prevent these from being superb. Submission forms are available online! Turnaround Times: For the purposes of calculating guaranteed turnaround times, days that the grading staff is in attendance at a currency show or invitational event are not counted as business days. Uncirculated (UNC 70-60) Graded Paper, it can be especially difficult to determine the grade of high quality notes. Measurement, magnification, and excellent lighting conditions are optimal in determining the minute differences. All banknotes UNC 65 or higher must have the TOP designation. Qualified (Q banknotes are designated "Qualified" when something beyond the ordinary adversely affects the paper. The qualified defect will be noted but does not impact the grade.