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The fact that these students were closing the gap (non-pilot classrooms saw no significant change in their CST performance) was very promising. Our pilot also included a few 5th grade classrooms. Perhaps one of the most prominent defenses against KA criticism is: Khan Academy is free and really helps a lot of people. You cant argue with the free part. On the other hand, the part about helping is potentially a very strong argument in KAs favor but there are two big problems with the way in which this is being.

Khan Academy seems to work well with supplemental learners like Mark, but how well does it work in schools? We have always believed that a great teacher can take our resources and push learning to new heights, by better focusing on the individual needs of each student.

If Class C does better than Class B, that would seem to say we should embrace the flipped classroom but KA is not the best resources, and then the question becomes one of how best to curate or create the most effective resources.

Teachers should be pushing and challenging the students to their full abilities. Los Altos didn't think everything was perfect because their students were scoring well on standardized exams; they saw significant value in creating an environment that was engaging and challenging for all students. Why concept inventories, and not mechanical skills tests? Well, both could conceivably be given, although Eric Mazurs work shows that students who improve in conceptual knowledge show significant improvement in procedural knowledge as well even though they get less direct instructional time on procedural problems PDF. But