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Come to this roundtable discussion and Q A session with some of Philadelphia's most successful freelance writers and editors, the ones who are doing both work they care about and work that pays the bills to put together a meaningful career as a freelance reporter, editor or journalist. Maryam Ronagh - editor with a background in scholarly and scientific publishing, and experience hiring and working with freelancers in the U.S. And abroad. Founder of Farmanesh Publications, a textbook publisher based in Tehran, and a published author in the field of manufacturing engineering.

As the founder of Smarter Learning LLC, Tom provides agency services for authors, editorial oversight of manuscripts and content development for mobile applications. He's an EFA chapter coordinator. Sarah Grey - freelance writer and editor at Grey Editing LLC specializing in history, sociology, media studies and geopolitics and EFA chapter coordinator.

Freelance writing jobs IN philadelphia, scroll. Hear what it takes and ask questions about breaking in, during a joint event from ONA and the newly formed local chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Our speakers will include: Tom Ciavarella -editor by trade, entrepreneur by choice and a career content developer. Her writing has been published in the. Rust Belt Rising Almanac, Grid, Motivos, Monthly Review and, international Socialist Review, among others. Patrick Kerkstra - award-winning journalist, former Inquirer City Hall reporter turned Philadelphia magazine and PlanPhilly city politics reporter. Alaina Mabaso - associate editor of the Broad Street Review and freelance reporter who has written for local publications including NewsWorks and Grid. Jen Miller - author and accomplished features scribe for periodicals including Runner's World, the New York Times, Details, Men's Health, aarp The Magazine, among others.