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Topics include: 26 videos 1h 36m 20s Linear Inequalities Linear Inequalities reviews the concepts related to the topic and uses lectures and practice problems to teach students methods of solving inequalities and their applications, notating the solutions with unions and intersections, and how to deal with absolute values within the inequality.

Topics include: 56 videos 3h 17m 38s, roots and Radicals, roots and Radicals introduces students to rational exponents and helps with studying how to simplify and otherwise manipulate expressions with radicals and roots using their properties and rules. Topics include: 40 videos 2h 31m 8s, rational Expressions and Functions. Rational Expressions and Functions defines rational expressions and discusses their domains and asymptotic behavior as functions. Students can learn and practice methods of simplifying, solving and graphing rational functions through various exercises they would find in their homework, including word problems dealing with distance, rate and time and those.

Students will learn through practice problems like those found in their homework how to rationalize, combine, expand radicals. Topics include: 107 videos 5h 5m 48s, quadratic Equations and Inequalities, quadratic Equations and Inequalities introduces students to the graphs of quadratics, teaches them to find the vertex, intercepts, discriminant, domain and range and interpret the graph in relation to these qualities.

Topics include: 63 videos 3h 11m 12s. Functions, functions teaches students how to properly use function notation and how to answer questions related to them, such as how to find domain and range, how to define a function, and how to interpret word problems with direct and indirect variation.

Sequences and Series teaches students how to define, notate and interpret different types of series and sequences, such as arithmetic and geometric, and how to use mathematical induction in proofs and on their homework. Click your Algebra 2 textbook below for homework help. Our answers explain actual Algebra 2 textbook homework problems. Each answer shows how to solve a textbook problem, one step at a time.