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Lattc Assessment Service Area Outcomes Glossary

Explain, restate, find, describe, review, relate, define, clarify, illustrate, diagram, outline, summarize, interpret, paraphrase, transform, compare similarities and differences, derive main idea, arrange, convert, defend, discuss, discuss, estimate, extend, generalize, give examples, locate, report, translate. Directs, tells, shows, examines, lecture, reading, audio/visual, demonstration, question and answer period, memorize and recite. Comprehension, deeper Understanding of Knowledge understanding something that has been communicated without necessarily relating it to anything else. Shows, facilitates, observes, criticizes, role plays, case studies, fishbowl activities, construct a model, collection of photographs. Analyze, compare and Contrast breaking something down into its parts; may focus on identification of parts or analysis of relationships between parts, or recognition of organizational principles.

What are Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes? While programmatic studentlearning outcomes (SLOs)encompass what students should be able to know, think, or do across all courses within a curriculum, course student learning outcomes are more specificand describe achievementexpected in aparticular course. Apply, practice, employ, solve, use, demonstrate, illustrate, show, report, paint, draw, collect, dramatize, classify, put in order, change, compute, construct, interpret, investigate, manipulate, modify, operate, organize, predict, prepare, produce, schedule, sketch, translate. Blooms Category, definition, action Verb, what the, teacher Does, learning Activities, knowledge. Information Gathering recalling or remembering something without necessarily understanding, using, or changing it. Tell, list, describe, name, repeat, remember, recall, identify, state, select, match, know, locate, report, recognize, observe, choose, who, what, where, when, cite, define, indicate, label, memorize, outline, record, relate, reproduce, underline. Course outcomes are more detailed and specific than programmatic outcomes because they identify the unique knowledge and skills expected to be gained from a given course. However, course outcomes should be broad and general eno).