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If you find that you usually want to use the same theme (perhaps something company approved Service Pack 2 adds the ability to do just that. See the Microsoft Help file Set a default theme for your presentations for details. To begin, select an object on your slide, and then click on the Custom Animation tab (marked with a star icon) in the Formatting Palette. From the Palette, click on the new Add Path Animation button and choose one of the drawing tools (line, curve, freeform, or scribble) from the pop-up menu that appears. Click on your object and drag to create an animation path. Click while dragging to add points to the path. Double-click to end the line. When the show runs, the shape will follow the path you created. Each Heading 1 paragraph in the Word outline will begin a new slide in PowerPoint. When youre done, choose File - Send To - PowerPoint. Your outline will open in PowerPoint using the plain Office Theme. Viewers can watch it on SideShares site, or as an embedded Flash slideshow on one of your own Web pages. Tom Negrino is a longtime, macworld contributor and the author of seven books about PowerPoint and Microsoft Office.

(Thanks to Blair Neumann, PowerPoints Program Manager, and Jim Gordon of Microsofts MVP program, for their insights.) 1. Write it in Word, the single best thing you can do to improve your presentation is to spend more timeway more timewriting your presentation, rather than fiddling with the look of your slides, transitions, fonts, and graphics. When you reach a point where you want a new slide to begin, press Return to get a new paragraph, then press Shift-Tab or use the Promote button on the Outlining toolbar until you see that the line has the Heading 1 style in the Formatting Palette.

2. Make objects fly, service Pack 2 adds a long-awaited feature to PowerPoint: custom motion paths for objects. This feature allows you to animate a shape or other object along any path (though you cant move objects between slides).