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Mobile-friendly Jun 26, 2015 An introduction to Custom Roles Based Reporting for T MVC applications. Your Next Great MVC App Starts Here, get started today and download your 30-day trial of DevExpress MVC Extensions (includes 30 days of free technical support). All demos ship with full source code and are included in the DevExpress MVC distribution.

String.IsNullOrEmpty(dressLine3) dressLine3 if (! String.IsNullOrEmpty(ty)! String.IsNullOrEmpty(ateRegion) ! String.IsNullOrEmpty(model. PostalCode) d( string.Format( "0, 1 2", ty, ateRegion, model. PostalCode if (oCountry! Null ) d(untryName if (titude! Null  model. Longitude! Null ) d( string.Format( "0, 1", titude, model. Longitude var delimeter (isEditable)? wLine : " br / " ; var addr (isEditable)? Html Helpers, a html Helper is just a method that returns a string. The string can represent any type of content that you want. For example, you can use html Helpers to render standard html tags like html input and img tags.

DropDownList html. EndForm html. Hidden stBox ssword html. RadioButton html. TextArea html. TextBox creating html Helpers with Static Methods, the easiest way to create a new html Helper is to create a static method that returns a string. 300,000 Records via linq The DevExpress T MVC Grid View extension supports a specific binding mode designed to.