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Technology You will Learn appropriate use of databases and other information resources Produce multimodal compositions Study the use of networked environments and genres TOP The second course in the composition sequence gives you the opportunity to refine your writing skills in a course that stresses theme-based critical inquiry and research into topics and issues of public import.

In addition, as the course titles, Writing Studies I and Writing Studies II, suggest, you will also learn about writing and how writing works. The composition courses will lead you to new understandings of what you are doing when you write and how to achieve what you want from your writing. Part II: Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) Part II provides answers to FAQs about Course Titles and Content Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement GE 10 Requirement Course Prerequisites Withdrawal from a Course Grades in Composition Courses Course Requirements Computer Component and clip Classroom Policies: Attendance, Punctuality, and Conduct Acad. Transfer students are strongly urged to complete the composition requirement during their first year at Cortland. The handbook is divided into three sections. In Part I you will find descriptions and student learning outcomes for CPN 100, CPN 102, CPN 101, and CPN 103. TOP, cPN 100 Writing Studies I and. CPN 102 Writing Studies in the Community I, the first course in the composition sequence will give you introductory rhetorical skills in the study of how genres and rhetorical situations shape writing practices. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Not open to students with credit for CPN 103. Prerequisite: A grade of C-or better in CPN 100 or CPN 102. Fulfills:GE10; lasr (3 cr. Hrs.) CPN 103 Writing Studies in the Community II ( A) Theme-based critical inquiry and research into topics and issues of public import. Comprehensive grammar, punctuation, and mechanics sections help you write better with clear instructions. Helpful across-the-curriculum examples explain the rules behind the instructions and exercises allow you to put your skills into practice.