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Compare and Contrast Writing Worksheets

Was he a personwho lacked the skills needed to motivate, strengthen and empower the team to achieve their personal best? From my experience, I would say yes. If I was to ask him if he would like to be lead by someone with his identical leadership style, Iam willing to bethe would say no.

Heencouraged independent thought and judgment, seeing my potential andgave me feedback and recommendations on how to improve performance in the future. His leadership approachboosted my confidence, morale and my respect for him. Being a leader is much more than that and require different skill sets than just technical know how me peoplelike the title and the perks but none of the responsibility associated with leading teams. Unfortunately, it does happen even though itshouldn't be. If you are in a position to lead teams, what kind of person are you? A leader, manager or just a "wannabe" with a fancymanagerial title?

I actually did improve. I began to fulfill my potential and started to grow which in turn inspired me to go above and beyond what he expected of me. He lived by what he called the "Leader's Golden Rule"-.

Absolutely! Wannabes with Managerial Titles want the prestige of position and power, not the responsibility to lead. Lastly, there are the"Wannabes withManagerialTitles". One of the worst experiences I had with a person in this categorywas when I was working in humanresources at a municipal level a couple of years back. The most successful and highly motivated teams have these type of leaders. Leaders encourage, engage and empower their team. When you see these elements present, you know you have the right person for the job leading a team.