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Do not interchange the two. 4, show, don't tell. Explicitly state your experience against each criteria in the job and person specification and then explain what you have learnt from your experience. Also, while you may think you have expressed yourself very clearly, other readers may be able to highlight sentences or words that are incorrect, irrelevant or could be more clearly expressed.

Avoid tired phrases. It goes without saying that you're a good team player. Most read, you may also like. Check online for their mission statement and refer to that when describing how you can contribute - Refer directly to the job description using the same language and then relate that to your own experiences - What are your career aims? Some CV advisers also recommend including a very small personal statement in the heading of a CV. This is rarely found on academic CVs though. What not to include, it is very important that you tailor each personal statement for the specific job you are applying for.

You need to write good prose in full sentences and break it up into small paragraphs. Use headings to help guide the readers eye to the most important information. Try to write in a style that makes your statement fresh and slightly different to the formal prose of most of your application materials. Chances are the recruiter will have read them a hundred times before and you don't have room to ramble. 5, keep it short. While the NHS does not have a word limit on personal statements, other industries expect a good statement to have impact in just 200 words.