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Activities in which you make a contribution or impact should be listed after leadership. Contributions and impact can really be anything, but they are typically considered the "fruit of your labor".

Honors and awards are important, too. Just like you did with activities, you also need to rank your honors and awards. But to rank an award, you need to use a slightly different guideline.

Academic awards of any kind should be high on your list, followed by awards for leadership, community service, club activities and athletics. Include an explanation for every activity or honor. When listing any activity, job or award, highlight its significance by adding a brief description. You may list your involvement with your church because you volunteered four hours per week to teach Sunday school to a dozen kids. If you can cite a specific contribution you made or the impact of your involvement, that activity should be ranked high on your list. For example, if you organized a fundraiser on behalf of your soccer team, helped to direct a play for church or decided to print t-shirts for the cheerleading squad, these are all examples of leadership. Rank leadership before membership. Activities in which you were a leader or had some type of responsibility should be ranked high on your list. Maybe you were not an elected officer for a group; but if you took charge of a special event or project, that is considered leadership. For an activity, you might note your leadership roles or explain a specific contribution that you made. For an award, you might include how many students received the award each year. Create a new account, it's simple, and free.