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Do we believe pbs's glue paper ruler to cardboard is plausible? Say yardstick, yardsticks, yard-stick, meterstick, metrestick, yard measure. Inch, inches, centimeter, centimeters, millimeter, millimeters, centimetre, centimetres, millimetre, millimetres, meter, metre. The rulers that we offer at Quality Logo Products come in a variety of sizes beyond the traditional twelve-inch rulers that we used to pretend were swords when the teacher wasn't looking. You might also be interested in A printable decimeter (10 cm) box and graphpaper. Pdf. And perhaps even A How Big Are Things? Cube. Comments encouraged - Mitchell Charity Notes: The large-print metersticks are now about 4.8 cm wide, rather than 5 cm - please let me know if you care.

My plan was to make all the ruler pages small enough that no browser was tempted to shrink them while printing. But a reader reports Acrobat 5 still defaults to shrinking the "combo" ruler (by 10 unless this option is disabled.

Plus, I prefer to measure with a transparent ruler." a reader "I did use the un-numbered rulers this week, and really like them. I copied them onto overhead transparency film, then cut them.

Eg, person's name. Image. Menu based custom rulers. A 30 cm long cm/mm singleton check 3-hole punches. Check photocopying is an edge box good for anything? Add a bottom-edge light gray "optional cut line" to the cm, mm stacks? Here are some rulers you can print out. Disposable paper rulers! disable any "shrink to fit" option when printing. There is a note below about accuracy. One foot ruler 1 ft long, 3 cm wide.