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ADD in School 500 Classroom Interventions for adhd

Oct 24, 2012 By Dr. Mercola. Medicating children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) is a double-edged sword, not only because of the steep health. Clearly outline your expectations and the consequences of misbehavior. Talk with your child about how the teacher will let him or her know that a behavior is becoming inappropriate. Link school and home. Return to adhd: Helping Your Child Get the Most From School. There have been numerous discussions of the need for gender-based diagnostic criteria for AD/HD, but for now, professionals continue to rely on criteria that serve much better to identify boys than girls.

Find out whether the teacher has experience teaching children who have adhd. Share with the teacher information about your child's symptoms and what behaviors may interfere with his or her ability to learn. Often, group psychotherapy can be tremendously supportive and effective for teenage girls with AD/HD. Such a group might be conducted at school by a school counselor, or might be found in a private clinic setting. Sexual risks Teenage girls with AD/HD may be at greater risk for pregnancy than are other teenage girls (Arnold, 1996). This may be true for a number of reasons. Teenage girls who struggle with low self-esteem, as do many girls with AD/HD, often seek affirmation through the sexual attentions of boys in an effort to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. Find out how others have effectively worked with school systems. Build relationships, a positive relationship with teachers and other school personnel will improve your child's chances of being successful in school.