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Writing Lessons - Linking Words (Transitional Expressions)

Do make sure though that you fully understand their meaning: incorrect use could change completely what you're trying to say. Try to use a variety of expressions, particularly in longer pieces of writing. Good use will make what you have written easy to follow; bad use might mean your style is disjointed, probably with too many short sentences, and consequently difficult to follow. Your mark could be affected either way. _, no-one was getting a pay rise. Nevertheless In other words Similarly 7 It is clear, therefore, that the situation in Brazil will improve only slowly. _ the economic problems being experienced in Japan, the outlook is slightly more optimistic. 1.33 Cohesion: linking words and phrases, you can use words or short phrases which help to guide your reader through your writing, and to link sentences, paragraphs and sections both forwards and backwards.

Nevertheless, we would probably go back to the same place. Top of page Transition word exercise Always ask yourself what the exact relationship is between the sentences or parts of sentences. Nevertheless Because Even though Answers Links to further resources on cohesion UCL. The best way to "get a feel" for these words is through your reading. Most textbooks and articles are well-written and will probably include a lot of these cohesive devices. Note how they are used and try to emulate what you have read.

_, vinyl records have seen an increase in their share of the market, up to 1.7. Above all Correspondingly In contrast 6 The Vice Chancellor explained that in light of the current financial climate and because of unexpected bad debts, it would be necessary to peg salary levels at their current level for all grades of staff.