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A writer with voice and great delivery can fail in that department and not get published I know I was missing this aspect. This class offers special perks. Lisa will give you extensive personal instruction on a selected piece/pieces of your work. If you click on his links and genuinely do the exercises, this course would be like a full-time job (He doesnt require all that, for those of you with strict time limitations). Thats a good thing. Theres lots to learn and think about on this course! Novel Writing I: Writing the First Novel (Online) (Spring 2009) This course was a step by step guide to writing the first chapter of a novel in any genre.

The philosophy behind this class is to teach a writer how to build a story. Emphasis is making the reader want to turn the page. I learned why some published stuff that I feel is crappy still gets published it is because it has what Lisa teaches story! This course, we read the majority of a novel structuring book entitled, Write Away: One Novelists Approach to Fiction and the Writing Life by Elizabeth George. I loved this book. It helped me tremendously. He is very interactive on the discussion boards. You can get a lot out of your time and money with Robert as an instructor. The more you commit, the more he does.

Yes, it was that good! Spring 2009 and Spring 2010) This is a very thorough course. You have weekly lectures, and various writing assignments that help you brainstorm and craft unique stories in the Fantastic genre.