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Win-Lose orientation, negative emotions, cause and Effect Pattern Example Two, i. Cause: Expanding the issues. Effect: Lose focus on original issues, effect: Cycle of defensive responses, iI. Cause: Personal attacks. Effect: Negative emotions, effect: Win-Lose orientation, a problem-solution pattern divides information into two main sections, one that describes a problem and one that describes a solution. Then he/she will show how the proposed solution - riding bikes - provides a beneficial alternative to driving. Problem-Solution Example, i. Problem: Motorized Transportation, increasing traffic congestion. Increasing pollution, increasing \"road rage\" from traffic-related stress, iI. This pattern organizes information about a topic by dividing it up into its "good" and "bad" parts, or pro's and con's. It is effective to use when a writer wishes to objectively discuss both sides of an issue without taking a persuasive stance. Four-year, iI. Quality of Education, two-year, four-year, iII. Educational Programs, two-year, four-year, compare and Contrast Pattern Example Two, i. Points of Comparison, educational Programs. Cost of Tuition, iI. Points of Contrast, quality of Education, type of Degree. There are two major variations to this pattern; (a) dividing the outline into two major sections comprised of causes and effects; or (b) dividing the outline according to the different causes, with the effects of each cause contained within the larger "causes" section. Suppose, for example, that a writer's stated purpose is to describe the advantages and disadvantages of attending a two-year college. One way to arrange the information is to divide it into two main sections, one for the advantages and one for the disadvantages. For example, suppose a writer wished to describe various types of wine. One way to outline this information would be to divide the type of wine by its color, as shown in example one. Ekdant Technology, g23/109,Shree Mansion, Kamla Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur (Rajasthan)- 302001, back to Top.