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The search tool at the website enables you to find samples of essays written on topics similar to the one you are currently elaborating on. Novelguide, this is one of the best literary analysis platforms on the web. Thesis Builder. The thesis statement, is an essential part of the overall paper and it can determine the success of the project. If you get stuck at this point, there is no way to come up with a good paper.

ElectraGuide is a tool that wants to help high school students: find a topic (see example topic questions?) create a good thesis statement (see an example?) and generate an outline (see an example? About the Author, julie Petersen is a tutor and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning.

The contests and activities will motivate you to write more and write better! How To Write An Essay, this is a very detailed guide written by someone who understands the troubles students go through when writing essays.

Before you submit your essays, you should always make sure they are readable. Some students think they will get better grades if they write eloquent content with confusing, lengthy sentences. They are wrong. It tests your work according to five formulas: Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, ARI, Gunning Fog Score, and Coleman Liau Index. RefMe, referencing has to be one of the most challenging aspects of academic writing.