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A mixed methodology features aspects of each or all of the above techniques. In a dissertation where one is assessing, for instance, the effects of flooding in the Wirral peninsula, it is likely that all the research techniques mentioned above would be used.

In dissertations that do not feature a methodology chapter, the word count released is divided among the other sections. There are two main research types and three main types of research analysis.

Secondary data would be used through a literature review, closed-ended questionnaires could be analysed using a statistical panel and interviews with experts would be commented upon with reference to existing literature.

These are, respectively, primary and secondary research, and quantitative, qualitative and mixed research analysis methods. Primary research relates to the collection of primary (new) data or the use, in history, of sources written at the time of the event you are studying by actors within that period. Thus, for instance, you might, if conducting interviews, note that you have used some 'closed questions' so that the personal bias of the interviewer (you) is minimised. Whichever approach you use it is important that you justify your decision and that you do so via reference to existing academic works - and writing only in the third person.

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A common programme by which to analyse quantitative research is spss. Qualitative research tends to be used more in the social sciences and arts and is when a research seeks to ask 'why' and 'how' something has happened and explains the reasons with recourse to empirical mathematical models.