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Algebra Review in Ten Lessons

The Web system works very well at, the University of Akron -the access time in my office is quite acceptable. Should you be interested, I might consider allowing other universities mirror this site, in this way the tutorial will be a greater pleasure (more than it already is :-) ) to use.

The tutorial is undergoing constant change; downloading the tutorial immediately outdates it! What you see here is my first time through.' Over the next year, I'll re-read the entire tutorial, re-write it, add new exercises and examples, more figures, better explanations etc, etc, and, of course, etc. It is a bit of a nuisance because the tutorial is available locally at. The, university of Akron ; consequently, I must recompile all files twice, once for the web and again for a local disk system. Additionally, you will lose all messages that pop-up with funny messages.' All graphics are lost too. These are natural limitations put on the system by the. Acrobat application. Loading a file works the same whether on the Web or on a local system; jumping to a named destination in another pdf file requires one set commands for the Web and. Please contact me if you would like to mirror this site. Should you find it necessary, you can download the tutorial to a local hard disk and use it locally; however, there are some caveats. The tutorial is setup for the Web and so many of the brown links are relative path URL'ey will not work on a local hard disk. Some brown links will work: The ones that simply load a pdf file; it is the links that have a named destination that will not work. All of the green links will work. 2012, glencoe / McGraw-Hill Bailey, et al. 2010, glencoe / McGraw-Hill Bailey, et al. 2010, glencoe / McGraw-Hill Bailey, et al. 2010, glencoe / McGraw-Hill Bailey, et al. 2006, glencoe / McGraw-Hill Bailey, et al.