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A resume cannot be evaluated unless you know a persons professional needs and goals, total body of experience, interests, expertise and skills. We do, however, have testimonials of client experiences on our website, Yelp and LinkedIn. Visit the Kennedy Information Directory of Executive Recruiters Web site and m. 4. Job Fairs, an increasing number of job fairs provide free critiques by resume writers, career coaches and HR representatives. Do you charge for the initial consultation? No, all initial consultation calls are complimentary. Do you meet with clients in person? Meetings are held at our office located in midtown Manhattan during regular business hours, Monday Friday. Do you work with clients outside of the NY area? Yes, we work with clients across the US and around the world. For clients located outside of NY, meetings are conducted via telephone or Skype during regular business hours EST.

Pros: You can receive free advice on how to strengthen your resume and handle dilemmas such as job-hopping or changing careers. Cons: Not everyone gets in-depth feedback, and you may receive conflicting advice from the community. 1. Professional Resume Writers, resume writers can provide excellent advice on how to improve your resume, says Murray Mann, principal of Global Career Strategies Group in Chicago and coauthor of. The Complete Job Search Guide for Latinos. Please contact us to discuss the fee for this service, which is based, in part, on the amount of time that has passed since we last worked together, as well as the nature of the changes involved.