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Criminal Justice Topics

Emphasis will be placed on issues related to the effective management and administration of criminal justice agencies. Topics covered will include environmental influence; conflict, power, and ethical issues; motivation, leadership, and communication. Do you think that some patients treatment should be compulsory? Migration and crime: This research idea is interesting to those students who want to investigate how citizenship status influences crime rates, in particular border regions.

Topics covered will include ethics and the police, racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, the purpose of punishment, ethics in corrections, and the ethics of criminal justice policy making. Cjad 495, criminal justice administration capstone, the Criminal Justice Capstone will be the final course completed by students in the Criminal Justice Program. The concept of the service quality approach will also be considered. Cjad 455, ethics IN THE criminal justice system, this course will address the topics of ethical and moral values as they pertain to the criminal justice system. Students will complete a research paper with recommendations for addressing the identified problem. The recommendations will be based on the theories, principles and knowledge obtained throughout the criminal justice program. Prerequisites: Completion of all Professional Core Courses.

Students will analyze and apply these concepts to the structure within which juveniles are taken into custody, treated, processed, rehabilitated or punished in an integrated and collaborative environment. Finally, students will examine basic criminal justice research methods and the role of science and inquiry in criminal justice. Effective communication in global organizations and critiques of organization communication systems and structures are also presented. Pbrl 425 - media AND crisis communication Today's public relations professionals have entered a new era where preparedness to respond rapidly to various levels of crisis is essential.