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You will find, by your own research of professional ghostwriters, that the going rate for book writing is roughly between 100 and 250 per page. This is where you will find the majority of true professional book writers. This especially holds true, and is quite extreme, within the world of book writing. If you've taken a spin around the Internet lately, this is not new news to you. The price offerings for writing an average size book - say 250 pages - can range from as low as 1000 and as high as 250,000. Measuring the true value of something, for the consumer, is never a clear-cut thing. That is because "subjectivity" is involved, if only with the personal perspective of the individual toward the item in consideration. Writing is art. It possesses creativity and requires expertise, especially with book writing, because there is so much information that must be manipulated. How Does One Know What to Pay for Having Their Book Written? If you walk away with one thing with this article it should be this: price CAN never BE THE foremost criteria FOR choosinhostwriter! It is impossible to consider apples to apples in the literary world. What warrants these prices? In short, it is a fact that only a minute percentage of individuals on this planet are actually capable of producing a 60,000 word or 100,000 word (or more) piece with which millions of people can't put down or stop turning pages until it's completely read. Is the higher-paid writer a crook? Do we need to get out the "customer beware!" bullhorn and warn everyone? The interesting thing here is that it is not the high-priced rates you need to be worrying about.

The non-professionals, you must be aware of, as this is where your book dream can become a disastrous nightmare. If you can afford the fees of one of the few high-end ghost writers, then by all means, enjoy this liberty.