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But the bottom line is on what side we are in. This determines our relationship with Gaia, the spirit of earth, we, humans, are dwelling at. Our vision of the World opens ourselves to seeing it.

In a flickering moment we tend to catch ourselves in changing the things around us, and sooner or later it is us who are caught in the middle of dilemmas between the true nature of our living in this earth. The idea presented in Pay it Forward may seem rather utopian, but in todays society nothing would benefit us more then an epidemic of good deeds and unselfish acts. Haley Joel Osment is able to see the inner good of all people in this film, he is able to look past the flaws of an individual and see them for. Transformation comes first from our own intention to improve. If I can pay a hand, what else would be so priceless to give? Goodness creates. The movie is based around the radical idea that one boy (Haley Joel Osment) thought up, his plan to make the world a better place was a simple but effective one, called paying it forward. Web. 09 Oct. 2015. MegaEssays, "Pay It Forward (Movie Review). m, m/viewpaper/ml (accessed October 09, 2015). And instead of returning the favour as is usually expected, you do three favours of the same magnitude for three total strangers, being sure to remind them of why and telling them their obligation to uphold the cycle.