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Are switching costs effective barriers to customer churn in the airline industry? How can m charge a premium price over rivals such as m? What are the motivations and expectations behind loyalty schemes?

The case of m/Toys-R-Us. What product attributes are most valued by consumers in search, comparison and purchase decision-making online? How do consumers react to brand alliances online? The case of m and Wal-Mart. To base your marketing dissertation within the area of marketing and consumer psychology, here are some suggestions for topics: What motivates consumers to pass on marketing messages? What are the antecedents of word-of-mouth communications? Be careful of public relations topics; even though marketing does involve public relations, you don't want that to end up being your focus. Anything that relates to a country that has little to no marketing should be taken on with extreme caution. An investigation of habitual buying behaviour and geographical location: The impact of socio-economic status. What effect does geographical location have on the relationship between variety-seeking buying behaviour and habitual buying behaviour? An investigation of the antecedents of consumer behaviour in online auctions? The case of eBay./li Need help deciding your disertation topic? Use our topic planning service. Mobile MarketingDissertation Topics Mobile marketing has become the latest marketing communication medium to enable large bran.

The effects of nationality/language/religion/upbringing on marketing, either those who are doing the marketing or those who are taking in the marketing. The changes in marketing in a particular company over the years. The case of Starbucks. How can innovations sustain brands? Can brand equity be transferred to a supermarkets own branded products? Need help deciding your disertation topic? Use our topic planning service.