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The percentage of work suspected plagiarised. In this way, the essay checker helps you to: Decide whether the percentage of work found in sources is correct. Decide whether the percentage of work found in quot;s is appropriate.

In todays academic world, it is essential that both students and teachers alike make use of an essay checker such as Viper, to ensure that whatever academic problems you may have, accusations of plagiarism are definitely not amongst them! Plagiarism can be done deliberately, in which case it is not only against the rules of the schools, colleges and universities but it's also a crime, which is punishable by law. Decide whether the matches in quot;s matches your citation, decide whether the percentage of work suspected of being plagiarised is accurate and if so what action needs to be taken to change and/or remove it. This means that even if you have accidentally pasted in work that is not your own, the essay checker will detect it and you can then change it before handing it in. It can also be done accidentally because you have failed to cite sources correctly or because you have been careless when taking notes and transferring them to your essay. This is especially likely when you are new to academic life or when you are doing extensive research into a subject. An essay checker like Viper is essential because schools, colleges and universities are all checking students work these days to protect the integrity of academic awards. The colour coding of different areas of potential plagiarism helps you to see clearly which is which and how best to deal with them.